100% natural massage wax and oils

Why Massage?

The first written records of massage date back to 2,700 BC in Egyptian and Chinese records. Massage therapy provides a number of health and wellbeing benefits, for athlete and non-athlete alike.  Today there are a number of techniques employed to give the client the best possible experience, and benefits.  
Benefits include:
- Relaxation when using massage oils contains essential oils
- Increases joint mobility by reducing soft tissue tension
- Relieving tight and stiff muscles- Increased muscle flexibility helping to improve performance, recovery and injury prevention
- Removal of toxins and waste products produced during physical exercise.  Using a good quality massage wax helps give grip to the muscles
- Reduction of pain from injury by speeding up the healing process
- Increased sense of wellbeing from relaxation and taking a proactive approach to health improvements

Some will see massage as a luxury, another expense that could be spent elsewhere.  Each of us has different circumstances and different priorities, so this it is understandable that people feel this way.  If you can afford it, then massage is a great way to feel and perform better.  Money spend on a good massage therapist that cares about you can reap many rewards.

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