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Strength training for over 40's

It happens to us all, we get older, we slow down, we get injured, we get weaker or slower, or more tired.  But it needn't be the end of our fitness, strength or athletic ability.  When I hit 40 I seemed to be injured more often.  First, with a torn hip cartilage, then a lower back issue, and then a torn knee cartilage.  For a long distance runner, this is proving difficult.

To be honest, at 40 I thought that was it.  I thought I'd get weak and put on weight.  In fact, I did when I let myself become inactive.  Next came the inevitable feeling of doom.  Not being a able to run or get outside was tough.  But, slowly I started to figure out a plan to build my strength and mobility.  I then started to run a little, then a bit more, then a lot....and then a marathon.

How? I became sensible.  Sensible about my ambitions, my training routine, my daily routine and the expansion of my health and fitness goals and activities.  I read books....a lot!  My main source of information was Dan John, the highly respected strength coach and former US athlete.

Dan's books are fantastic, they are simple, compelling and make a lot of sense. His approach to training following some of the following basic principles:

- Keep it simple.  Do compound exercises, with correct form

- Work in the 10-25 rep range

- Train to get up off the floor - this might just save your life when you get older.

- Don't get trapped in the 'no pain, no gain' mentality 

- Train today to the intensity that will allow tomorrow to be the best training you've ever done.  Of course tomorrow never comes, and you don't go full out and kill yourself.  Train within yourself, be sensible and try to avoid injury or burnout

- Read, and arm yourself with information.

For more from Dan, visit www.danjohn.net or search Dan John on YouTube.


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