100% natural massage wax and oils

Massage Wax

Get grippy!  Using a good quality massage wax may revolutionise your massage experience - for both giver and receiver.  Using an oil based product is probably still the most popular method of giving a massage - and is still a great medium to use, but have you thought of the alternatives? 

Massage wax has many benefits over it's liquid big brother, so let's explore a few of them.  Massage wax gives a lovely grip when giving a massage, meaning you can really work the muscles and knots.  It's also very easy to use and not at all messy.  We've all been there when we've been giving a massage and everything is going well...until you forget to replace the lid and knock over the bottle!  Avoiding the bottle knocking over problem, you can still get a little mess from around the lid after tipping the oil into the hands, which can cause stains on carpets or flooring if you're not careful.

Massage wax can also be much more efficient and last longer as you can use exactly what you need by taking a small amount at a time.  I'm guessing most people at one point or another have poured out too much in one go and ended up either slipping some, or the person receiving the massage has ended up like an oil slick.  If using wax, we would always recommend using spatulas to avoid any contamination of the wax by putting fingers directly into the massage wax.

So, if you fancy a change then give wax a go!

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