100% natural massage wax and oils

Our Key Principles

In everything we do, we abide by our key principles and we approach all business using them so that our customers get our Personal Best.  The name PB TwentyFive symbolises what we have put into our products.  PB - Personal Best, is the best we have produced, every time!  25 - the number of formula changes made to get the perfect blend used as the base for all of our wax products.  

Our Key Principles are:

  • Make the very best products on the market, quality comes first every time.
  • Treat our customers individually and offer superb customer service, and build friendships with our customers.
  • Work closely with suppliers to ensure we get the best ingredients and help them develop their own businesses.
  • Be ethical and look after the environment.  We take this very seriously and will do everything we can to be sustainable.  Please see the Responsibility page for further information about what we do.
  • To always look to improve in all aspects of our business.
  • To ensure that all of our products represent best value for money.

Massage Wax